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Eda Zavala Lopez

Edais dedicated to Preserving Peruvian Amazon Indigenous Knowledge through:
•    ancient healing practices
•    native medicinal plants
•    indigenous empowerment
•    rainforest preservation

A descendant of the Wari people, Eda comes from a long lineage of native women healers.  She describes her knowledge of healing practices as being a part of her DNA, of it “running in her blood.”  Her grandmother used plant medicine like flowers, coca leaves, and water in a very natural way. While growing up, Eda absorbed this directly and simply. As an adult, she has gone on to study with native healers deep in the forest, learning the intricacies of plant medicines and their properties.  As a healer now herself, Eda is deeply committed to Indigenous Peruvian Communities and their pursuits of land protection, native medicine plant usage and preservation.

Eda lives part of her life in Indigenous Communities in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. There, she actively supports her people in becoming more knowledgeable and independent in negotiating their ancient lifestyles with the influential, and often intrusive, modern world.  She also continues to discover more about the practices of healing through her teachers, and guides participants in taking plant medicine.
Using ancestral knowledge, along with what she has learned from indigenous teachers and plant medicine, Eda brings her experiences to interested people in the United States. As a Peruvian healer or curandera, she understands that only through plant medicine, has the Creator given her the knowledge of the plants. But this is not only between Eda and the Creator.  It is through this knowledge that she is able to be of service to people and share how they can reconnect to the sacred way of honoring Planet Earth, our home.  As her teachers have always told her, “Gracias a Dios que adquirimos este conocimiento y El nos pone para servir a la gente, para curar a la gente.”

When speaking with a group, Eda addresses topics such as healing practices with native plants, how and why the rainforest is disappearing at such an alarming rate, the changing lives of indigenous Peruvians and how they are learning to empower themselves. She also conducts group and personal healing ceremonies.

NOTE: Eda’s native language is Spanish; her second is English. For the purposes of this website, her words and concepts were carefully translated, interpreted or directly stated by the English-speaking content writer. However, In spite of every effort made to capture the essence of Eda’s “authentic voice,” errors in communication were probably still made.