Many shifts in the pandemic era as humans face up deep shadows, older and new ones. We can’t ignore it anymore and really forced us quite strongly to release or live with it. Inevitable. Fears are most like a flame that devours spiritual existence. Pandemic shut down us fiercely while Mother Earth is in agony. Just in front of our eyes. We can play a main role if we want. Keep your soul free and empty your old luggage. Be creative. Be a spiritual warrior.

Today more than ever we all need to remove shadows and nourish the soil of our backyard gentle and facilitate a co-creation of beauty and healthy conditions that may feed us properly. Embrace and walk alongside nature and bring back her nourishment to restore herself kindly.

The human footprint has been impacted Mother Earth seriously and damaged her unique beauty. You all see how trees, animals, rivers and forests are in the road to extinction because global industry and fossils fuels don’t stop. Indigenous People and their wisdom go away. No return.

Indigenous shamans, Western shamans and Spiritual masters play a distinctive role. Prayers, ceremonies, rituals and meaningful life must take place and replace despair and greedy.  Pondering human role objectively is very necessary to check out how much we can do to furbish up our beautiful planet and bring wisdom back. 

Complex times requires momentum of sacredness into our daily lives. Inspiration, Comprehension, Acceptance and Forgiveness may drive us toward the bright Light of Love and quietude.

Humans mostly are trapped with artificial meaning of life. There is no place to slow down. Truth seems through plastic curtains. No time to face shadows instead push them in another false server that replace soul to watch later. A black hole that mostly suffocates us and many times trying to diminish them but we are just trapped.    

What we can do instead? Just die with Covid19 viruses or find out the meaning of human existence? What is the purpose to cohabitate planet Earth in 2021 and beyond?