Time for pondering and breathing slowly. Time for unity. Pandemic has activated deep unsolved wounds and added new ones. Covid19 ‘offers’ a bizarre chance to release them or live with them. Fears are flames that devour spiritual existence. Pandemic shut down us fiercely and our Earth home is on the edge of the cliff. Time to activate ancient wisdom and renew your soul. Time to be a spiritual warrior. 

Today more than ever we all need to remove shadows and nourish our souls as well as the soil of our backyards. 

There is a trilogy of existence in this time of change: spirit, body & mind. Free your spirit to strengthen your mind and body. Restore the beauty of nature and yourself to create life conditions for all living beings. Once you strengthen your relationship with Mother Nature you are capable to soak up the sap of the universe. 

The human footprint has impacted Mother Earth seriously and damaged her uniqueness. Her wisdom is on the road to extinction. Master plants, forests, oceans, animals and all her magic run for survival. Indigenous People too. Wisdom was already replaced by greed, oil and fossil fuels. Time to shift old habits and egotistic ways of living. 

Indigenous wisdom keepers, modern shamans and spiritual leaders play a distinctive role these days. They replace despair and hopelessness with deep inner peace and show practical tools to bring luminescence back to your existence. This process allows you to connect with your inner balance and fuel your transformation. Pondering your human role objectively through balanced emotional intelligence brings your wisdom back.

What is the purpose to live in this planet beyond 2021?  

Complex times require dedication to cultivating sacredness into our daily lives. Inspiration, Comprehension and Pause drive us toward clear ways of understanding.  Self reflection in a sacred container  illuminates the path to explore the essential texture of your soul.  

Humans mostly feel trapped and desperate. Hard to slow down. Truth is mostly seen through curtains and hard to heal, we are intimidated to face the deep wounds that we carry.  A common coping mechanism is to click or swipe on a distraction that brings a sort of ‘wellness’ or instant gratification.  Meaningful life requires brave acts of ‘fully stretching’ yourself on all levels to experience the totality of existence.