About Eda

EdaEda Zavala Lopez is dedicated to Amazonian Indigenous healing practices by leading ceremonies with medicinal plants, practicing ancient ways of healing knowledge and empowering her people in preserving their sacred territories.

Running in Eda’s blood is the traditional wisdom that she received through her mother’s lineage.  After her studies, she decided to continue this heritage. She moved into the forest to learn with Indigenous Elders who adopted her as a spiritual daughter.

As a Curandera Eda directly uses the power of medicinal plants to help heal people emotionally and spirituality, especially women, who are very interested to learn from her. They are invited to follow her path deep into the Amazon, where she and her Indigenous Community are founding a feminine spiritual center to receive her students and others who are  searching for a profound change in their lives.

As a spiritual leader in her village, she is deeply committed to Indigenous Peruvian People in defending their sacred territories and protecting their lands. She encourages them to empower themselves, stand strong and learn to negotiate their dire circumstances by facing up to the intrusive and disrespectful modern world.

Eda actively supports her people living deep into the forest,  taking a variety of medicinal plants to strength her spirit and envisioning her path as a Curandera and  leader. The profound knowledge she receives from her training every year brings her into the wisdom of nature and contemplation, observing and learning from the dynamism of plants, trees, birds, rivers, mountains, water, earth and fire.  Through the interaction among human beings and a diversity of creatures supporting each other, Eda experiences and understands a real equilibrium that brings peace, serenity and deep love. Her practice teaches others a profound way to keep calm in mind and warm in heart by listening to the sounds of nature and through the embodiment of  the medicinal plants that have a close relationship with wisdom.

Eda brings her Shamanic knowledge and experiences to interested people of Peru, France, Chile, Germany, Slovakia, and the United States. She conducts group and personal healing ceremonies and spiritual journeys.  Always in service to others, she teaches people how to reconnect to the sacred way of honoring themselves.  She is able to do this because of the spiritual and deep connection that her teachers taught her in honoring Creator and Planet Earth as an unity. As her teachers have always told her, “Gracias a nuestro Creador que nos da este conocimiento y nos pone para curar a la gente. El nos enseña a través del vegetal.”

NOTE: Eda’s native language is Spanish; her second is English. For the purposes of this website, her words and concepts were carefully translated, interpreted or directly stated by the English-speaking content writer. However, In spite of every effort made to capture the essence of Eda’s “authentic voice,” errors in communication were probably still made.