About Eda

Eda is a Peruvian curandera, whose indigenous roots allow her to invoke yanapumas and chullachaquis deep into the forest.

She speaks to magical entities and ancient spirits through her medicine. A woman who was trained by wise elders since she was a child and went further. She is aware of her power and honors the wisdom of her ancestors. Such a gift.

Eda is a direct descendant of the Wari-Ashaninka People from Peru. She inherited ancient knowledge related to master plants, spirits and magical beings and brings her wisdom to a global world with a chance to cure mind and body disorders and nourish human spirit. She was formally educated in sociology and anthropology at Catholic University in Lima, Peru.

Her whole existence is dedicated to Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples. She is a wisdom keeper and holds an ancient knowledge that rides into a global understanding. She speaks different languages and walks alongside other shamans. She talks with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Peyote Spirits to connect with the universe and bring answers. She speaks the language of the plants.

Eda has learned the vital importance of her medicine to keep inner balance and pondering the  mind-body-soul equilibrium to release pain and heal soul wounds. Nature provides tools to manage human disorders wisely. Eda is a natural observer and her choice is living with plenitude and teaching others ancient ways of living.

She found her path as a caregiver, a shaman and social activist. Eda represents the true power of medicine women and shares her wisdom with locals and people all over the world in a way that reminds us of the importance of living with ethics and solidarity. Nature feeds her soul and keeps her mind and body healthy. She just found out her ‘sentido de la vida’

She ponders her deep understanding of how she may bring her ancient wisdom into the current times and busy life with global goals where human expectations are unlimited.

Although Apus and gentles showed her a path at a very young age, she had to leave them and learn to live according to standard society. After Eda was done with studies she walked back to her roots. She heard again the powerful voice of Nature and since then she has walked in the cloud forests and pilgrimages to sacred sites in the Andes.

Her true essence keeps honoring ancient wisdom. Her Elders taught her quite precisely old ways of shamanism and Eda became a stronger curandera. She talks to spirits, honors Elders and brings social justice to her people. She walks among both indigenous and global worlds. She brings her ancient knowledge to modern countries and technical assistance to indigenous communities, an essential coexistence that may save Planet Earth.

Eda brings her voice to the USA, Chile, Germany, Italy and Peru and she runs ceremonies and shamanic retreats in the Amazon. She is invited to participate in forums, conferences and radio interviews. She was also invited to the United Nations-Indigenous Forums several times and has been closely involved with Native American Medicine People and Sundance, Peyote and Sweat Lodges, as well as Mayan ceremonies.

She is mostly involved in conferences, workshops, interviews and publishing while she is visiting the US and Europe. She won her first award in 2014 from the COP 20-Peruvian Environment Ministry for protecting sacred territories in the Amazon Jungle.

Eda is very involved with her People and leads indigenous projects based in community conservation, formal bilingual indigenous education and primary care community programs up in the Cordillera Escalera mountains, a protected area located in the upper Amazon region of Peru. Deep gratitude to Impact A Village and Rainforest Action Network for all their support.