Lightning In A Bottle Festival

In addition to speaking on ‘Ancient Plant Medicine in A Modern World’ at the Memory Palace during the festival (keep checking in for posted scheduled and time), Eda will be offering her private sessions in the Healing Sanctuary where she brings her ancient and unique healing techniques; so far she is the only Amazonian shaman-curandera attending LIB festival. Participants are welcome to experience her unique healing approach.

Bioneers, San Rafael CA

Eda will be speaking at Bioneers in San Rafael CA, Saturday October 21st.

Bioneers is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. The conference will be held at the Marin Center from October 20 to 22nd.

What are the implications of the spreading use of the Amazonian visionary and healing brew ayahuasca far beyond its home in the Amazon Basin? With: Jeremy Narby, Ph.D., anthropologist, author, Peruvian Amazon Project Manager for the Swiss NGO Nouvelle Planète; Rachel Harris, Ph.D., a psychologist with decades of experience, researcher, and author of Listening to Ayahuasca; Sitamaraya Sita, a long-time plant wisdom practitioner trained in the Shipibo tradition, founder of the Convergence conference; Eda Elsa Zavala Lopez, a shaman and curandera of Wari-Ashaninka ancestry, with 30 years experience in plant medicine. Hosted by J.P. Harpignies, Bioneers Associate Producer, editor of Visionary Plant Consciousness.

Eda speaks at the UN

Eda will be speaking a the UN commemoration of the declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples in New York on April 27

MAPS Conference

At Psychedelic Science 2017, the international scientific community comes together at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, Calif., to explore new research into the benefits and risks of MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, ketamine, ibogaine, medical marijuana, and more.
Join us for this historic six-day global gathering, featuring three days of conference presentations, three days of workshops, a Sunset Cruise on the San Francisco Bay, the Psychedelic Comedy Banquet, and much more.

Eda’s talk is in the Plant Medicines Track

Since hundreds of years ago curanderas and curanderos from all over the Amazon call to the spirits of the plants to heal human body and spirit. They invoke them to show up their power and come under forms of “chullachaqui” or very old “geniecillos” and talk to them in secret, whispering their name and then ‘they’ open their bodies to make surgery and remove all the stuff that damage physically and emotionally. It is ‘La Madre’ of each plant that reveals which part was damaged and it has to be prepared to continue curing the whole body and protect mainly their soul through plant medicine. ‘La Madre’ will only stay with us if we respect all kind of restrictions for several months or even a year. No doubt that She will cure us and teach us to be “bizarro”, meaning strong enough to hunting, fishing, planting or become a teacher of this plant, “un dietero”, and our lineage always be protected by ‘La Madre’.
Eda Zavala Lopez is a Wari-Ashaninka curandera and spiritual leader of some Shawi Villages, located in the buffer zone of Cordillera Escalera, Region of San Martin, Peru. She works with indigenous villages to preserve sacred territories and defend indigenous rights as well as bringing new skills to indigenous children to empower them. Eda provides technical assistance to her people and spiritual assistance to the modern world. She walks among indigenous knowledge, western approach and global understanding. As a curandera, she works intensively to help perpetuate the ancient healing practices that she inherited through her lineage and her teachers. Indigenous wisdom from the Highlands and Rainforest Amazon is part of her DNA. Eda is well-educated and studied sociology and anthropology at Catholic University in Lima, Peru. In December 2014, she has being awarded by the National Peruvian Government and Ministry of Environment recognizing her profound commitment to protect pristine indigenous territories in Region San Martin, Peru. She is actually a local coordinator of the NGO Impact A Village, managing the project “Providing educational opportunities to 09 Shawi Villages and Indigenous Children”. She also preserves 10 hectares of pristine forest regarding future generations. Eda has being doing lectures about plant medicine and indigenous knowledge in the US for the last 10 years and participated at the United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues. She is very close to Native American Elders practicing their ancient ways of sacred medicine.

Eda on First Voices Indigenous Radio

Eda on First Voices Indigenous Radio, interviewed by Tiokasin Ghosthorse.

In this hour long interview Eda speaks with Tiokasin Ghosthorse from the Cheyenne River Lakota (Sioux) Nation of South Dakota and the banks of Itazipco/Mnicoujou and Oglala. Tiokasin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Native American Studies and Communications. he hosts and producs First Voices Indigenous Radio, and in this episode speaks with Eda about the abuse of the sacred vine, Ayahuasca by westerners.

Tiokasin Ghosthorse