Her Shamanic Journeys

She knows they are vibrant and magical and in constant transformation. They whisper secrets of ancient knowledge while gentle spirits, mischievous or playful, appears to humans’ upper levels of comprehension.

Eda is very aware of the different types of spirits and she is selective and works with those that are intimately connected to ancient feminine wisdom. These spirits play a key role when she ingests her powerful medicine to show others their healing path.

Living in the jungle has taught her to embrace diversity, close one to another where each plays a role of complex coexistence. Eda believes that humans and all living beings have similar behaviors and Mother Nature has created imperfection in her magnificent perfection to teach us how energies converge to bring new balance.

Indigenous People know that each aspect of nature has a distinctive role to play according to the  season, weather, moon cycle and location. This knowledge has been managed wisely in their vast forests, but our global society has changed drastically and our current imbalance feels out of control. Destruction of nature has resulted in the loss of many gentle spirits from this plane of existence.  It’s time to mend carefully

Ayahuasca Journey in Peru


Eda guides you to restore your inner balance and mend your spirit. Amazonian curanderas heal by showing patients a tiny piece of the universe to reestablish their own, while sacred plants cure mind, body & soul. The initiation can bring up fears because of the unknown. It takes time, mind-training, solitude and calmness in order to connect with your own wisdom. 

Eda guides you through the process of listening to the subtle whispers of nature’s spirits and takes you on a journey of spiritual growth, bringing you the capacity for universal understanding of your amazing ability to connect beyond temporality. This is the crucial legacy of Indigenous wisdom to complex current times.     

Rituals are the key for spiritual connection. Sacredness in the jungle is surrounded by night time, tiny candles and magical sounds that light up Eda’s face while her voice becomes your guide. Eda’s voice embraces you and her icaros soothe your spirit and accompany you to unknown terrain where you may feel like a leaf on the wind or traveling deep inside yourself.

Leave your mind labyrinth and walk through the spiritual world of the jungle. This process may help to face your shadows and work through aspects of yourself. Colors, figures, sensations, visions and whispers approach you to connect with your innate wisdom & cure old wounds. Master plants hold the keys to open aspects of your inner power.  

Plant Medicine wisdom doesn’t belong to humans. Eda just guides through the rhythm of your life symphony and finds aspects of your composition that are off-key. There could be a few or many. It doesn’t matter. Eda holds your spirit softly and chants to earth wisdom while Mother Jungle heals your soul and releases pain from your mind and body.


Eda leads ceremonies and spiritual journeys deep into the Amazon Jungle. She also offers gentle treatments near the city of Tarapoto surrounded by green mountains and more modern facilities. Her base of Tarapoto is a one hour flight from Lima, capital of Peru. 

She usually runs ceremonies and offers special programs related to women’s wisdom initiations and runs shamanic journeys to all genders. Her wisdom is remarkable and works according to people’s needs. Very unique and singular. A deep and powerful initiation and gentle healing journey provides benefits unique to each person who experiences a journey with Eda. 

Eda takes people through a sacred encounter in the Amazonian jungle, where her Elders and ancestors have practiced for hundreds of years. She has been practicing this ancient way of providing sacred medicine–using Ayahuasca, a Master Plant from the Jungle–for over thirty years. 

When Eda and her clients ingest Ayahuasca, cosmic energies are awakened and dance together through her chants. Once you ingest the medicine, your mind and soul tend to expand and connect to the microcosms that make up our unique human essence. This slow immersion into cosmic consciousness allows the spirit of the Plant to reveal multiple dimensions. 

2021-2022 Retreats

Eda specializes in one-on-one and small group healing ceremonies. This approach may resonate with energetically sensitive people who do not want to be part of a large ceremony or retreat center. 

Note on Cost & Fees: 

Eda provides customized experiences and tailors accordingly to people’s needs. These are some estimated costs for her journeys, but additional transportation or custom requests may be accommodated for an additional fee. Final cost and deposit information is decided after an initial consultation has occurred. 

Estimated Cost one-on-one for 7 and 10 days

Estimated Cost small groups for 07 and 10 days

Plant Dieta and shamanic journey:

Eda offers shamanic retreats for 15 days in solitude follow by meditation and ceremonies. Isolation is the best way to process and integrate all pieces while you extend your spiritual path & became initiated. There are several stages of initiation and are related to properly heal  physical and emotional issues. Plant Dieta is about Ayahuasca ceremonies and specific Amazonian plants that Eda will bring according to the profile of each individual.

After the first ceremony Ayahuasca will reveal which plants would be benefitial for each individual and Eda may use specific ones. She is very well trained in using psychoactive healing plants and she will measure specific doses to treat physical/emotional and spiritual issues.

Most importantly, each individual experience is a unique and remarkable connection through visions in ceremony and dreams that will bring answers while individuals are in solitude. Plant Dieta may be truly life changing.


Healing sessions and rituals on-line:

Indigenous healers embrace Mother Earth and try to restore human balance. Eda believes Mother Earth is stretching out quite long and Curanderas try hard to remind humans that all living beings are interconnected to keep her balance. Mother Earth is strong, but under threat right now.

I may guide you just one time, periodically or once in a while. I may provide you very important tools and medicine. Together we will find out what is next after exploring your nature.

Cost of the healings on-line

Just set up a time together and contact me through FB (messenger), Instagram or my website

Once you reserve a spot wire transfer 50% in advance through my PayPal account.

VERY IMPORTANT: 40% of all proceeds will be donated to my beloved Elders and Shawi children.