Indigenous Wisdom

The future of Indigenous People and the rainforest amazon is in our hands. 30% of our biodiversity is gone and 50% of ecosystems are under threat. Medicinal plants are being replaced by coca plantations & palm oil. River dolphins and jaguars are almost extinct. Amazing trees like Lupuna and Shihuahuaco don’t stand with their wisdom anymore. Chullachaquis and magical beings are running away. Our spirit is in danger. Magic and wisdom are endangered.

Shaman elders are our wisdom keepers and they also need protection in order to continue
practicing ancient ways of healing. They represent a real coexistence with nature. Their
deep knowledge is like old tree roots that spread out wisdom as they restore the human soul and body.

Elders provide Eda with exceptional opportunities to cure her soul and open her third eye which strengthen her knowledge. Some recently passed away, but they come again to join her in ceremony and to share their ancient wisdom. Eda is very aware of those who become old and ill and she provides them care and assistance. They sense her love and respect.

Vibrant culture and reciprocity are main values for Indigenous People and Eda is fully immersed within this. She built a sanctuary where locals and foreigners are welcome to have old wounds and physical issues treated and to embrace sacredness, while being surrounded with love and respect.

Eda is also attuned to ancient, local and global cultures and how they have an intricate and refined delicacy. Honoring one another is the key to bringing back harmony and balance.

Eda and her community have already built a sustainable first step. They have taken this step for  indigenous communities and now want to jump into the global one. All living beings matter and individuals can help Eda in creating sustainable ways to protect nature and care for wisdom keepers globally.

Shamanic trips, cultural travels & adventures in the Amazon

We invite you to spend weeks in the Amazonian forests, share with elders and families and create vivid experiences in the jungle. Come and travel to indigenous villages where you will be immersed in current ways of living:  hiking, hunting, exploring ancient forests, nourishing yourself, or spending time around elders. It’s fun and inspiring.

Wisdom keepers Visits: 07 days

Shamanic journeys with Huachuma in Sacred Valley (Cusco)

Come and explore both the majesty of the Andes and the revered Apus while you eat
Huachumaa, a very sacred and ancient cactus. Indigenous Priests from Huari and Moche
civilizations took this plant to connect with the solar system and to keep humans in balance.

Note on Cost & fees:

Additional transportation or custom requests maybe accommodated for an additional
fee. Final cost and deposit information is decided after initial consultation has

Very important: 40% of all proceeds will go to elders care and Shawi villages.